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Bush Videos Gone Wild!

December 18, 2008

Here is a fascinating story about the videos of those shoes thrown by journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi at President Bush during his press conference in Iraq.

According to the website,

The now infamous video showing US President George W. Bush ducking as an Iraqi journalist throws shoes at him has become a Youtube rage. Apart from grabbing 11 of the top 20 “most watched video” spots, videos posted on the site have given rise to anti-Bush communities, with thousands of comments posted already.

Soon after the incident came to light on Sunday, various versions of the videos were uploaded by users. Some of them have managed to cross over 500,000 views each, while others have crossed 100,000 views – all in just two days. People are still uploading videos at an amazing rate of around 209 videos per hour, according to the Washington Times. The combined number of views of all these videos together is calculated to be around 8,145,000!

These Bush shoe videos have, as the marketing people like to say, gone viral in a big way. The original video has of course given rise to a wave of spoofs of the incident like the following:

Christmas Version

Three Stooges Version

Journalist Throws Bush at Shoe Version

You could say that this is a textbook example of political Viral Marketing at its very best….

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